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Budget and Spending

A Blueprint for Balance

The Blueprint for Balance provides detailed recommendations for the annual congressional budget. Read More.

The Budget Book

The 114th Congress has an opportunity and obligation to stop Washington’s taxpayer-financed spending spree. Read More.

We Need a Balanced Budget in 10 Years

While President Obama runs around warning everyone of economic devastation, it’s the President’s policies that are truly harmful to the economy. Read More.

High Debt Is a Real Drag

Three teams of economists have separately shown that high government debt has a negative effect on long-term economic growth. Read More.

Federal spending has grown rapidly over the last decade, leading to substantial budget deficits that will cripple the economy. To restore fiscal health, the federal government should reduce taxes, cut wasteful spending, and reform the massive entitlements.


Experts on Budget and Spending

  • Romina  Boccia img Romina Boccia

    Deputy Director, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and Grover M. Hermann Research Fellow

  • Paul Winfree img Paul Winfree

    Director, Thomas A Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and Richard F. Aster Fellow