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Economic Analysis

A Few Quirks Do Not Distract from a Dismal Picture

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its baseline budget outlook through fiscal year 2022 on January 31. The analysis is as creditable to the CBO as its message is daunting to the nation. Read More.

White House Mid-Session Review

The Mid-Session Review (MSR), released by the White House on September 1, is the marked deterioration in the economic forecast just since June. Read More.

Economic Analysis of the House Budget Resolution

Congressman Ryan, chairman of the Committee on the Budget, requested by letter that the Center for Data Analysis undertake an economic analysis of the House Budget Resolution for federal fiscal year 2012 through 2021. Read More.

Ten Hayekian Insights for Trying Economic Times

In this essay, Professor Bruce Caldwell draws upon the writings of Hayek, other Austrian economists, and public choice theorists to distill 10 fundamental insights that not only apply to the current crisis. Read More.

Unleashing Entrepreneurs to Create Jobs

The Obama Administration’s $862 billion stimulus bill was an expensive failure that increased the federal deficit, contributed to America’s deteriorating fiscal health, and failed to reduce unemployment. Read More.


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