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Economic Growth

Steps to Economic Recovery and Economic Growth

Policymakers need to focus on what they can do to help the economy recover, but they must also recognize the limitations of policy initiatives. Government’s guiding principle today should be: do less harm. Read More.

Top Five Steps Government Should Take to Create Jobs

To help unleash the private sector to invest and create jobs, Congress should promptly take five specific actions. Read More.

The New Flat Tax Produces Jobs and Growth

The New Flat Tax, as outlined in Heritage’s ‘Saving the American Dream’ plan, would replace today’s convoluted tax system with a simple, neutral, and transparent tax system that would allow America to achieve its full economic potential. Read More.

The European Financial and Economic Crisis

The European economic crisis is no accident. Two critical mistakes include adopting a single currency without the policy infrastructure needed, and adopting a social welfare state without the pro-growth policies necessary. Read More.

Economic growth allows people to prosper. Congress should reduce federal spending and debt, remove undue regulatory burdens, and reform and lower tax rates to unleash the economy and enable the private sector to create jobs.


Experts on Economic Growth

  • David R. Burton img David R. Burton

    Senior Fellow in Economic Policy

  • Ambassador Terry Miller img Ambassador Terry Miller

    Director, Center for Data Analysis and the Center for Trade and Economics and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom

  • Paul Winfree img Paul Winfree

    Director, Thomas A Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and Richard F. Aster Fellow