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Higher Education

The Coming Higher-Ed Revolution

Higher education is on the brink of huge “disruptive innovation” that could produce much lower tuition costs and new business models. Read More.

Pell Grant Increase is No Solution to College Costs

Despite billions being spent already, the Obama administration argues that more Pell grants are needed. But continuing to increase federal subsidies for higher education could actually exacerbate inefficiencies and tuition hikes. Read More.

Federal Overreach into American Higher Education

Dept. of Education proposed regulations would raise costs and harm student educational opportunity. Instead of limiting competition, the Education Dept. should explore measuring educational outcomes and improving quality. Read More.

Ways to Make Higher Education More Affordable

Instead of expanding federal college subsidies and loans, policymakers should focus on lowering college costs by increasing competition among higher education providers by using technology and online learning. Read More.

The Assault on For-Profit Universities

Obama Administration proposals to increase college graduation will have a negative impact on for-profit universities by capping costs if they accept federal subsidies. Read More.

The cost of college is a growing problem for Americans. Instead of increasing federal subsidies for higher education, which has not lowered costs, policies should encourage savings-based, rather than debt-based, college financing. Moreover, policies should allow the free market to work to reduce college costs and encourage innovations in online learning.


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