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Parental Choice in Education

Education Made Simple: What is School Choice?

2011 proved to be the most exciting year for school choice to date. Thirteen states and D.C. enacted or expanded school choice options for families, leading The Wall Street Journal to proclaim 2011 “The Year of School Choice.” Read More.

Education Savings Accounts: A Way Forward

States are expanding school choice options for families. In Arizona, Education Savings Accounts (ESA) were enacted. ESAs redirect a portion of the education funding on a child to an account for the parents to spend on education. Read More.

School Choice: Aiding Family Education Investment

Education savings accounts (ESAs) allow families to save money tax-free for K–12 and higher education expenses. ESA contribution caps should be lifted and existing “529” college savings accounts should be expanded. Read More.

School choice empowers parents to choose a safe and effective education for their children from among public, private, charter, online, and home school opportunities.


Experts on Parental Choice in Education