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Energy and Environment

Renewable Energy

POWER Act: Doubling Down on Bad Energy Policy

The House recently passed H.R. 2360 preventing foreign workers from working on offshore renewable energy resources. However, the Act would result in fewer U.S. jobs, higher energy prices, and decreased domestic energy production. Read More.

Capability, Not Politics, Should Drive DOD Energy Research

Ordering the military to lead a green revolution bleeds scare resources away from its core missions to advance the Obama administration’s political agenda. Read More.

The DoE Should Not Be the Green Banker

The Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA) proposed in the Clean Energy Financing Act would act as a “green bank” to provide loan guarantees to energy and automotive projects that Washington deems worthy. Read More.

Assessing Federal Efforts to Encourage Green Jobs

Market forces, not government bureaucrats, should determine when to adopt new energy technologies. Voluntary participants in market transactions are best equipped to make the economic and environmental choices. Read More.

Consumer choice, not government mandate, should determine the mix of energy sources used in America. A market based system built on private sector research, development, and investment is the only way to establish strong, diverse, and economically rational alternative energy solutions.


Experts on Renewable Energy