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Health Care

King v. Burwell

New Data Shows the Real Story

Heritage released state-specific data for the 34 states potentially affected by the King v. Burwell ruling. Read More. .

How many people recieve subsidies?

For those 34 states that could be affected, only 18 percent of enrollees buying Obamacare insurance received subsidies last year. Read More. .

Congress can lower premium costs

The court ruling could be a huge opportunity for Congress to address underlying design flaws in Obamacare that made health care expensive in the first place. Read More..

What's the Real Impact?

Obamacare defenders predict a “parade of horribles” if the Supreme Court stops ACA’s federal subsidies from going to states that did not set up an ACA exchange. But there’s more to these claims. Read More. .

States need to hold the line

Find out why state lawmakers should resist efforts to prop up Obamacare by setting up an Obamacare exchange. Read More. .

The Supreme Court by the end of June will rule on King v. Burwell, a case that challenges the Obama Administration’s implementation of federal tax subsidies in Obamacare. Should the Court reject the Administration’s interpretation of the law, individuals who bought insurance through Healthcare.gov but live in a state that did not set up an ACA exchange would not receive subsidies for their insurance. Learn what Congress could do to immediately lower their premium costs and why this is a moment for a fresh approach to health reform.  


Experts on King v. Burwell