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Health Care


Medicaid Expansion: How Does Your State Fare?

While it is true that some states may see projected savings, it is erroneous to claim that this experience applies to every state. Read More.

Expanding Medicaid Plans is a Costly Mistake for States

States are already struggling to pay their Medicaid bills. Why put taxpayers on the hook to pay even more? Read More.

A Risky Proposition for the States

Recent decisions by the Obama Administration concerning the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion underscore what a risky proposition Obamacare is for the states. Read More.

Medicaid is fueling the federal entitlement crisis, bankrupting state budgets, and delivering substandard care to enrollees while crowding out private health insurance options. A long-term plan should include putting federal Medicaid spending on a budget, mainstreaming working families into private coverage, and preserving a true safety net for the most vulnerable.


Experts on Medicaid/SCHIP