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Health Care


The Story Behind Obama-care’s Enrollment Increase

It's mainly due to Medicaid expansion. Read More.

The IRS’s Role in Implementing Obamacare

At a time when doubts are growing about the IRS’s politically biased behavior, Obamacare grants the agency massive new authority to implement its complex and bureaucratic regime. Read More.

Impact of Obamacare

“What does the new health care law mean for me?” Whether you're a mom, an employer, or a doctor, this series provides the answer - with videos, blog posts and more featuring the stories of Americans affected by Obamacare. Read More.

Obamacare: An Alarming Checkup

Three years old, eh? Well, with any luck, you’ll leave here with a clean bill of uh-oh. Read More.

Obamacare puts the health care system on the wrong track and will expand the role of the federal government in every component of Americans’ health care. To get the health care system on the right track that empowers patients, reduces cost, and ensures access, Obamacare must be defunded and repealed.


Experts on Obamacare