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The Falkland Islands: What You Need to Know

The United States has wrongly sided with Argentina by backing their calls for negotiations over sovereignty the Falkland Islands and by failing to recognize the outcome of the recent referendum there. Read More.

U.S. Should Recognize British Sovereignty Over Falklands

United States policy towards the Falklands poses a serious risk to the Anglo-American Special Relationship. Read More.

Let the Falkland Islanders Be Heard

The Falkland Islanders have the right to choose their own future and why the principle of self-determination should guide U.S. policymakers. Read More.

U.S. Should Support Right to Self-Determination

The U.S. should recognize the outcome of the March 10–11 referendum as an official and legitimate expression of the will of the Falkland Islanders and of their right to choose their own government. Read More.

Argentina No Longer Deserves to be a Major Non-NATO Ally

Argentina's actions over the past decade and its bellicose aggression over the Falkland Islands make it no longer deserving of U.S. Major Non-NATO Ally status. Read More.

Britain has administered the Falkland Islands peacefully and continuously since 1833, with the exception of the two months in 1982 when the Islands were invaded and illegally occupied by Argentine forces. The Obama Administration has backed Argentina's calls for a U.N.-brokered settlement for the Islands. This policy poses serious risks to U.S. interests and is an insult both to Britain-the U.S.'s closest ally-and to the rights of the Islanders.


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