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Obama Tax Hikes

13 Tax Increases in 2013

The deal that Congress and President Obama struck that avoided the fiscal cliff resulted in seven tax increases. Those hikes combined with six tax increases from Obamacare that also began on New Year’s Day. Read More.

No More Tax Increases Shall Pass

Standing against additional tax increases - especially after this January's flood of Obama tax hikes! - is the right position for those who believe in limited government. Read More.

President Obama Is Still Wrong on Taxes

The nation’s workers cannot afford the sustained additional upward pressure on unemployment that would follow from raising tax rates. Read More.

Recent History Proves: Tax Hikes Slow Growth

To Set the Record Straight, Clinton Tax Hikes Slowed Growth.
The economy grew slower than it should have in the years after Clinton’s 1993 tax hike. Read More.

Latest Research on Taxes

Dive deeper into research on Taxes – covering all aspects of tax policy, including proposals for reforming America’s complex tax system. Read more >>.

Ranging from new Obamacare taxes to a payroll tax hike on workers, the President's tax policies have been slowing the economy. Starting with the 13 new taxes in Obamacare, track the rising tide of taxes and its effects.


Experts on Obama Tax Hikes