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Welfare and Welfare Spending

Marriage and Poverty

Marriage Reduces Child Poverty

Over a third of single-parent families with children are poor, compared to only seven percent of married families. Read More.

Marriage and Poverty in the U.S.

How the collapse of marriage hurts the nation and 7 steps to reverse the damage. Read More.

Visit the New FamilyFacts.org

Check out the new improved FamilyFacts.org. A resource for charts and information on why the family is so important to a free and civil society. Read More.

Child poverty is an ongoing national concern, but few are aware that its principal cause is the absence of married fathers in the home. Marriage remains America’s strongest anti-poverty weapon, yet it continues to decline. As husbands disappear from the home, poverty and welfare dependence will grow. To combat poverty, it is vital to strengthen and promote marriage.


Experts on Marriage and Poverty