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How Welfare Undermines Marriage and What to Do About It

Marriage among families with children is an extremely powerful factor in promoting economic self-sufficiency: the ability of families to support themselves above poverty without reliance on government means-tested welfare aid. Read More. .

War on Poverty 50 Years Later

U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs since 1964. Despite this mountain of spending, progress against poverty has been minimal. Read More. .

Welfare Spending Remains at Massive Levels

The means-tested welfare system is massive and is the fastest growing part of government spending. Read More. .

On July 12, the Obama administration issued a new policy asserting that it would issue waivers to exempt states from the work requirements established in the 1996 welfare-reform law. This move violates the reform law and undermines what made it such a success. Welfare reform helped millions of families out of welfare and into jobs. Obama’s new policy will “end welfare reform as we know it.” To truly help the poor, work must be restored.